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Hello, my name is Chris Ownbey, a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor through the Titleist Performance Institute with over 20 years in the golf and fitness industry. More than ever, golfers like you realize how a golf fitness program will play a big role in your performance, both on and off the course.

Why you need this Program. Now!

Your passionate about playing golf, but frustrated by your inability to improve your game?
Do you hit bucket after bucket of balls without seeing improvement?
Your losing distance off the tee with your driver?
Most likely, whatever you are working on mechanically in your golf swing is caused by an underlying physical issue.

In the Ultimate Golf Fitness Performance Series You'll Discover..

Which specific types of exercise will help your gain 20 to 30 yards off your driver and which exercises are destroying your golf game!
What kind of stretches you should NEVER do before a round of Golf.
A Simple Way to Start the Downswing with Your Lower Body
Discover one simple move to stop your slice forever (it’s NOT what you think.)
The Perfect Stretch for lower back pain.
Instantly receive 9 sixty-minute Golf Specific exercise routines I use with my PGA Pros
With our PGA tested golf specific stretches and workouts, you can increase your flexibility and improve your golf game just by following our lead. No searching. No guesswork.






Thank you very much for the Ultimate Golf Fitness Performance Series.

Your mastery of bio-mechanics and acumen for teaching are readily apparent. The videos and lesson are top-notch.

Will advice of progress in golf and fitness.

Kind Regards,
Ken 8 handicap

Thank you Chris.

I use Ultimate Golf Fitness by Chris Ownbey
three times a week. I see big improvements in my flexibility and balance now. I am getting stronger in my upper body and turning more freely with my golf swing.

I have been performing all thoughts exercise for the past four months. Not too bad for an old man!

Thank you again my friend,
Steve 20 Handicap


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